Zion Williamson Bullies The Warriors With Insane Strength: Watch

Zion Williamson Bullies The Warriors With Insane Strength: Watch


Zion Williamson came into the NBA with the weight of the world on his shoulders and very few people expected him to live up to the lofty expectations thrust upon him. When you’re the number one overall pick, people expect a lot out of you and with Williamson, that was no different. After sustaining a knee injury prior to the start of the season, there was this fear that Zion would be a bust. Just a month ago, Zion finally came back into the Pelicans lineup and he has been on a tear ever since.

Last night, Williamson helped propel the Pelicans to a win over the Golden State Warriors as he scored 28 points. Perhaps his best highlight was immediately after missing a free throw. In the clip below, Williamson gets his own rebound, misses the put-back, rips the ball away from Damion Lee, and scores before being fouled.

It was an incredible play that speaks to just how good Williamson has been this season. Zion has all of the strength in the world and it’s clear that some teams don’t know how to properly play against him yet. To be fair, this happened against the Warriors who haven’t exactly been an NBA-caliber team this year.

Regardless, Williamson is already looking like a superstar and you can’t help but just marvel at his athleticism.