Zach LaVine Loses It At Head Coach Amid 41-Point Game

Zach LaVine Loses It At Head Coach Amid 41-Point Game


Zach LaVine has been one of the few bright spots on the Chicago Bulls this season although it hasn’t exactly resulted in wins. The Bulls are tenth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 20-39. Unless they go on a huge winning streak, they don’t have much of a chance to make it to the playoffs. LaVine has been vocal about his frustrations this season and last night, they boiled over even further.

During a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, LaVine was being yelled at from the bench by head coach Jim Boylen. In the video below, LaVine can be seen responding to Boylen by saying “I have 40 fu-king points.” LaVine’s tone was pretty strong and he seemed to be exasperated by Boylen’s continuous criticism.

This clip shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve followed the Bulls this season. Boylen has been criticized at every turn for his bizarre lineups and rotations. For instance, rookie Coby White has scored 30 points in three consecutive games yet he’s still a bench player. It’s clear the players are starting to get fed up and LaVine is at the head of that charge.

When the season is over, it will be interesting to see if the Bulls make a change at head coach. It’s been a long time since the Bulls have done anything significant so it certainly wouldn’t be a shocking move.