YouTubers Prank Carole Baskin By Faking "Tonight Show" Interview

YouTubers Prank Carole Baskin By Faking "Tonight Show" Interview


YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners tricked Tiger King’s Carole Baskin into giving her first interview since the show’s premiere by posing as producers for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

YouTubers Prank Carole Baskin By Faking "Tonight Show" InterviewJustin Sullivan / Getty Images

“Here’s a chance where we could perhaps interview some high-level talent because we are going under the guise of being a really famous show,” Pieters told Insider. “And we thought, why don’t we take a shot in the dark and go for the most exclusive, hard to reach person in the world, with absolutely no hope of it working?”

“I think it’s also very hard when you are live on an interview with who you think is James Corden or Jimmy Fallon, to go, ‘Hold on a second, that’s not Jimmy Fallon,’ when it sounds like him,” Pieters continued. “You’d have to be pretty sure of yourself and pretty brave to stop the interview.”

Afterward, Baskin spoke to Us Weekly about the prank: “I was suspicious as we were doing it because the questions appeared taped,” she said. “But had no idea it would turn out to be such a fun prank. It gave us a very welcome good laugh. I appreciate their cleverness and that they created their video in a way that I don’t feel was in any way mean-spirited.”