Young Thug Wears Extremely Deep V-Neck Shirt

Young Thug Wears Extremely Deep V-Neck Shirt


Atlanta rapper Young Thug has always broken necks with his unique stylistic decisions in his wardrobe, most notably wearing a frilly dress on the cover artwork to one of his commercial mixtapes. Nothing is off-limits for Thug. We’re talking about a man who literally attempted to change his artist name to “SEX” a few years ago, still blurting it out from time to time as an introductory ad-lib on his records. This weekend, Canadian artist The Weeknd celebrated his birthday, turning thirty in style with some of his most famous friends: 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and more. Thugger turned heads because of his choice of ‘fit for the event, showing up in one of the deepest pink v-neck t-shirts you’ve ever seen.

Young Thug Wears Extremely Deep V-Neck Shirt
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As if he raided the American Apparel store ten years ago, Young Thug popped up at Abel Tesfaye’s birthday celebration wearing a denim jacket on top of his ultra-deep v-neck shirt. While we’re sure nobody dared to comment on the general’s appearance in person, internet warrior Yung Bans did just that when he made fun of his brethren in his inbox.

“What kinda v neck is dat slime,” wrote the rising rapper, tagging Thugger in the comment. This isn’t the first time that Thug’s closet has been critiqued by his peers or by fans. A choice this bold was always guaranteed to earn some backlash on the part of anybody who doesn’t understand his androgyny. At the end of the day, Slime is just being Slime and we have no problem with that.

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