Young Thug Prays For Jay-Z, Diddy, Gunna, His Parents, & More In Instagram Videos

Young Thug Prays For Jay-Z, Diddy, Gunna, His Parents, & More In Instagram Videos


If you love someone, you gotta tell them. If there’s anything we continue to learn every time we lose somebody in the hip-hop community or surrounding us, it’s that you can never remind someone that you care about them enough. Today, Young Thug spammed his followers’ timelines with fifteen videos to show love to his favourite people. During the clips, he gave messages to his mother, father and sisters, as well as his YSL artists and anybody else that he may have forgotten.

In the first video, he speaks directly to his mother, saying that he prays that she can have everything that she’s ever wanted in her life. He was equally as generous with his father but with him, he wants his pops to be at peace with the fact that Thug will always be misunderstood. “I pray that my dad don’t ever lose his mind to make people understand me,” says the rapper. As for his children, he hopes that his six kids and his baby mommas grow and don’t have any “problems with relationships.”

When he starts talking about his friends and other artists, he prays for them to actually get bigger than him. He admits to having made “stupid decisions” in his life, hoping that his brothers get “ten times richer” than Thug. Finally, he gets specific about his artists, praying that Duke never switches up, Gunna learns to communicate his thoughts, Lil Keed can tell his truth, Strick and T-Shyne become a group, and more. 

He also speaks to the “love of his life” Karlae, hoping she “blows up faster than life,” realizing that she’s shy and hoping that she keeps the same heart forever. The videos are actually extremely endearing, giving us an eye into Young Thug‘s creative mind and showing us just how loyal and loving this man really is. Shout-out to Young Thug for this. Remind your people you love them today.