Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent’s Transgender Relationship Shade

Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent’s Transgender Relationship Shade


With the internet at everybody’s disposal, information can be spread ferociously about you. The chances of misinformation making the rounds are higher than ever and Young Buck is claiming that what’s happening to him is all fake. The claims being pushed on him stem from allegations that a transgender woman has made, claiming to have been in a sexual relationship with the G-Unit member for over three years. In a video that 50 Cent published yesterday, Buck’s alleged lover says that he would come to her Nashville home “at least once a week” during their relationship. She also clarifies that Buck was her “side piece” at the time. The rapper has had enough of all the allegations being made against him and he’s decided to speak out once again, saying that the internet didn’t make him and it won’t break him.

This all started when Buck was vocal about wanting out of his contract with G-Unit Records and at that point, Fiddy chose to make his life a living hell. After sharing the clip on Instagram, 50’s former buddy chimed in with his own comments, saying that he refused to be destroyed by these claims against him. 

“Some Of You MF’s Will Believe Anything,” wrote Buck. “The Internet Didn’t Make Buck…And It Dam Sure Can’t Break Buck.” The rapper has been promoting his new music throughout the renewed beef with 50 Cent but Curtis has even had something to say about that, filing for copyright infringement and removing one of his tracks from YouTube.