You Have to See This Stunning Subway Cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’

You Have to See This Stunning Subway Cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’


Tell us something, girl! A British woman's impromptu Lady Gaga cover went viral on Tuesday (Feb. 18) thanks to one content creator's clever idea.

It all started when U.K. prankster Kevin Freshwater kicked off a "Finish the Lyrics" challenge by approaching unsuspecting passersby with a microphone in hand. While several participants couldn't or didn't want to play along, the online host was positively blown away after asking singer-songwriter Charlotte Awbery to finish the lyrics to Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.   

"Wow you're really good! Keep goin'!" Freshwater prompted after hearing a surprised Awbery's gorgeous vocal tone on the song's first verse. Clad in a camel overcoat with coffee in hand, the woman then launched into the rest of the song, belting out the chorus with a smile and filling the subway station with a voice that would make Mother Monster proud.   

"You're brilliant! Well done! Are you a singer?" the stunned comedian exclaimed as Awbery continued on her commute, nodding shyly in the affirmative. (As it turns out, the U.K. native most recently uploaded a casual cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to her popular Instagram page.)

Check out Awbery's incredible cover of "Shallow" below at the 2:15 mark.