YNW Melly’s Mom Gets Emotional While Listening To His Music, Receives Backlash

YNW Melly’s Mom Gets Emotional While Listening To His Music, Receives Backlash


Any mother whose son is facing the death penalty on murder charges would find it difficult to control her emotions. Jamie Demons-King, mother to rapper YNW Melly, has been doing her best to support her son as he sits behind bars. The 19-year-old rapper stands accused of plotting and executing the murder of two of his friends and trying to pass it off as a drive-by.

Melly has stayed in contact with friends and family on the outside, but when news surfaced that the teenager could be facing the death penalty, fans and foes alike were floored. Recently, Demons-King went on Instagram Live and appeared to be sitting in a car. She didn’t say anything as she played her son’s song “Waiting On You” and stared off into the distance, occasionally looking down toward the phone to check the comments. The look on her face becomes increasingly upset as she is saddened by the circumstances that her family is currently in.

However, this touching moment wasn’t met with compassion. DJ Akademiks shared the clip of Demons-King on his Instagram page, and commenters were less than forgiving. HipHopDX wrote, “Listen Mom. Ya son ain’t right.” Another person said, “Moms is even clout chasing now????,” while even another commented, “Shouldn’t of killed his buddies.” Multiple people even blamed her, saying it was her fault that Melly was in this situation because she raised him.

However, there were a few people who believed that it was possible to feel sorry for the mother without justifying the alleged sins of the son. “Y’all acting as if a mother can feel sad for her son to potentially die smh…Even tho he possibly killed his homies a mother can still feel sad for her son,” another person shared. Someone else added, “She did it on live to try and maybe help the situation because no mother wants their son to die. Regardless of the circumstances, you can’t be mad at her for trying.”