XXXTentacion’s Mom Dukes It Out With His Dad

XXXTentacion’s Mom Dukes It Out With His Dad


XXXTentacion’s name continues to be written in headlines that, unfortunately, have nothing to do with his music. During his lifetime, the Florida rapper was subject to much criticism in the media for his controversial past, including allegations of domestic abuse and homophobic comments. The recording artist, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was murdered in June 2018 and, since then, legal battles involving his mother Cleopatra Bernard have made for front-page stories. This time, things are a little more complicated because Bernard is reportedly going up against Dwayne Onfroy, the father of XXXTentacion, in a secret legal fight over the late rapper’s estate.

As reported by The Blast, Bernard and Onfroy are currently duking it out in court over issues pertaining to XXX’s estate. As of right now, the exact reason for the dispute is unclear. However, it was reported court documents that Bernard served Onfroy with proof of service, as well as some sort of legal notice. The specifics are unknown as they have been sealed.

XXXTentacion's Mom Dukes It Out With His Dads
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In the past, Dwayne Onfroy has reportedly attempted to be involved in the handling of his son’s estate, showing up to court for a hearing and notifying a judge on the day of that he would like to be included on decisions regarding his music, business, and more. 

We will keep you updated as more information breaks out regarding this.