Wingtip Finds the Path to Healing On ‘Broken Bones’: Exclusive

Wingtip Finds the Path to Healing On ‘Broken Bones’: Exclusive


A portion of the proceeds are being donated to LGBTQ charity The Ally Coalition.

When electronic dance artist Wingtip left Republic Records and canceled his headlining tour in 2018, the man behind the boards — Nicholas Perloff-Giles — set out on a personal mission to rebuild himself.

In the visual for his new single “Broken Bones,” Perloff-Giles travels on a true road to recovery over a four-day trip to Vancouver in an effort to play one song where his canceled headlining was set to begin. The journey is quite literally laid out in a home movie-style video that he shot with a Super 8 camera and edited on his own, with brief notes scattered throughout to give insight on his process.

The song itself is a cleansing of sorts, with Perloff-Giles stepping in on the vocals to deliver a lyrical confessional about his latest struggles with striking honesty over an uplifting beat.

Though the lyrics arrived at a very personal moment for him, they extend to a universal feeling of anxiety and the prevailing desire to confront it. “‘Broken Bones’ was written in the midst of a crisis, and writing helped me get out of it,” he tells Streets Talkin. “It's about my fears and anxieties about the future, about getting older, and about trying to build myself a life that makes me happy."

The experience proved to be transformative for Wingtip the artist, who has never sounded more confident and cohesive. On the personal end, it left Perloff-Giles with the need to do more for the people around him. As a first step, he has committed to donating a portion of the streaming and video royalties from “Broken Bones” to the LGBTQ charity The Ally Coalition.

Perloff-Giles explains, “It meant a lot to me to be able to control my music revenue stream again, and doing this as a first move just felt right."

With “Broken Bones” leading him on the path to heal himself, Perloff-Giles proves he is up and moving again and primed to go the distance this time.

Check out the video for “Broken Bones” exclusively on Streets Talkin below.