Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-Point Box Score Expected To Sell For Astronomical Amount

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-Point Box Score Expected To Sell For Astronomical Amount


The official box score from Wilt Chamberlain’s historic 100-point game on March 2, 1962 has hit the auction block – and it is expected to sell for over $100,000. 

The legendary game took place against the New York Knicks at Hershey, Pennsylvania in front of approximately 4,000 people. The game was not televised, no video footage has turned up since, and the only audio recording is from the 4th quarter. The Philadelphia Warriors’ official scorer’s sheet, as well as the Knicks’ sheet which sold for over $100,000 in 2012, is among the only artifacts from the game that have ever surfaced. 

Wilt Chamberlain's 100-Point Box Score Expected To Sell For Astronomical Amount

SCP Auctions

The Warriors’ official team scorer’s sheet, which was signed by Wilt that night, was taken home by the official team scorer, Toby DeLuca. When he passed away, his widow gifted the item to a close family friend, who is now looking to cash it in for over $100K.

Per SCP Auctions:

The 8.75” by 11.5” sheet has aged naturally with light yellow toning and some minor stains on three of its corners from handling. The date “3-2-62” and location “HERSHEY” at the top as well as the player lineups (by last name) and teams in the period score boxes (“N.Y.” and “PHILA”) all appear in 5-6/10 faded black ballpoint, with “STATISTICIAN – TOBY DELUCA” neatly done in 5/10 black ink at the bottom. The two officials (“PETE D’AMBROSIO” and “WILLIE SMITH”) and player point totals come in still strong 8/10 pencil – standard color lead before the switch to red pencil to tally Rodgers’ point totals in the 3rd and 4th quarters in order to distinguish from Wilt.

“WARRIORS” and “NEW YORK” with each team’s respective won-loss record as well as individual player foul totals are also done in red pencil. At the bottom of each Warriors quarter column is Wilt’s point total for that period in red pencil: “23 – 18 – 28 – 31.” The sheet remains matted and framed (11 3/4” by 14 5/8”) under glass (easily removable) in its original state as Mr. Deluca had displayed it for decades. A newspaper clipping with the complete box score from the game is taped to the back of the frame.

With more than two days of bidding remaining, the price has already eclipsed $42,000 – though the reserve still has not been met. Check out the listing here.