Who Is Megan Thee Stallion? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Megan Thee Stallion? Everything You Need To Know


Megan Thee Stallion’s ascent has been rapid and furious, catching the attention of fans and peers alike. With singles like “Big Ole Freak” cementing her as a deadly mixture of sexual confidence and lyrical prowess, Megan has emerged as one of the most exciting young voices in the game today. Coming a long way from murdering college cyphers, Megan is set to drop off her upcoming debut album Fever on Friday May 17th, her first project since signing to 300 Entertainment. Since you’ve likely been hearing her name and the bells steadily ringing, why not familiarize yourself with the self-proclaimed “Big Ole Freak?” 

Who Is Megan Thee Stallion? Everything You Need To Know

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Megan Thee Stallion may be in the midst of a musical takeover, but she’s also an Academic at heart. Thee Stallion has been balancing her hip-hop career with her scholarly pursuits for a minute, working on a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration at Texas Southern University. She explained her motivations behind the decision to The Source, saying “I want to open up some assisted living facilities around my city and take care of the elderly people — well, all the people in my city.” A noble goal, and one that reveals a greater sense of community ambition. If that wasn’t enough, she intends on paying it forward to those she came up with. “I want my classmates to run it because you know when you get out of college it’s kind of hard to find a job,” she reveals, likely winning the hearts of many-a-millennial in the process.


Megan’s mother Holly “Hollywood” (a rapper herself) is no stranger to hip-hop, so when she first heard Megan’s sexually-tinged early bars, she immediately laid out some ground rules. Speaking with The Source, Megan explained that her mom put Megan’s career on hold until she turned twenty-one. “Oh hell no! You’re not coming out until you’re 21,” she reflects. “When I turned 21 she was like okay just jump off the porch. So now when I’m rapping she’s like, “Okay Megan GO HARD!” —or she’ll say, “You want to say that? No, you should go hard like this.’” As soon as Megan’s career took off, Holly quit her job to manage her daughter full-time. 

Sadly, Megan’s mother passed away in March, prompting an emotional tribute from Megan. “We were together EVERYDAY, holly was my biggest cheerleader and toughest critic,” she writes. “She taught me enough for 2 lifetimes and if you were blessed to meet her she taught you something too. My mama is still my rock, my world and my inspiration. ima go 100x harder because I kno that’s what she would want me to do.”


Stylistically, Megan Thee Stallion has made no secret of her musical influences, which include Pimp C, Three 6 Mafia, and Biggie Smalls. Those seeking a common denominator need only look to their shared appreciation for raunch and sexuality. As she once explained to XXL, Megan came up on that “raunchy music,” citing Lil Ru’s “The Nasty Song” as a formative track, which ultimately laid the groundwork for many of her primary themes. Yet that’s not to say her lyrical abilities should be slept on; the legendary Q-Tip once likened her rhyming skills to Nas, and he’s clearly an authority on the topic. Though some might immediately blush upon hearing some of her bars, Megan’s flow and confidence are among her strongest attributes, as evidenced by the “STALLI FREESTYLE” below.


Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album has yet to land, but she’s already been receiving rampant co-signs from many of the game’s players. The legendary Missy Elliott blessed her “The Race” freestyle with several fire emojis, a glowing endorsement if ever there was one. Lil Uzi Vert once directly addressed her in a plea for collaboration, and Drake linked up with her for a friendly weekend in Las Vegas. Wale was among the first to bring her on a record with “Pole Dancer,” and fellow Houston rapper Maxo Kream recently tapped her for his latest single. Trey Songztook a moment to shoot his shot, and Megan once described the aforementioned Q-Tip as her “Bestie.”