Whitney Houston Hologram Concert Criticized After Tour Begins

Whitney Houston Hologram Concert Criticized After Tour Begins


Eight years after the world lost powerhouse vocalist Whitney Houston, fans are receiving an opportunity to see her live once again. The late singer lost her life to an overdose during the weekend of the Grammy Awards back in 2012, and recently, her estate has shared that they were planning to use her hologram in a live show. The string of concerts launched this week, and a preview of the digital Whitney has some fans sharing their ire with the show.

The “An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour” kicked off in England on Tuesday (February 25) and fans watched as the hologram of the singer sang hits like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “Greatest Love of All.” While the concert has been teased for some time by Pat Houston, the executor of Whitney’s estate, fans are now vocalizing their disapproval of the tour. 

According to disgruntled fans, this attempt at a hologram tour is nothing more than a way to cash in. “This is an artist who … did not always seem in control of her image, or her sound, or her finances,” said @jasonkingsays. “Now there is this potential that she’s being exploited all over again.”

Check out the Whitney Houston hologram in action in addition to a few reactions below. Also, let us know if you think the look of the hologram resembles the singer.