Wendy’s Vying For McDonald’s Spot

Wendy’s Vying For McDonald’s Spot


The breakfast game is a lucrative one but it comes with its also fiercely competitive, especially in the world of fast food. McDonald’s is a dominant force in the world of breakfast but more and more of its competitors have been coming in strong. Wendys is the latest and they are gunning for McDonald’s spot at number one. 

In 2019, Wendy’s announced that they were going to launch a breakfast menu but only today have they set a launch date. On March 2nd, Wendy’s will be serving breakfast including nine sandwiches. Three of those sandwiches are on croissants that come as either sausage, egg and Swiss cheese or a bacon, egg and Swiss cheese. There’s also a maple bacon chicken croissant that will be added to the menu. Additionally, they’re adding potato wedges and replacing their coffee blend. 

Of course, Wendy’s didn’t announce the launch date without stirring the pot a little bit. “Hey @McDonalds, roast us,” they wrote in a tweet. “Yeah, we wouldn’t wake up for your breakfast either. Don’t worry, on 3/2 there will be something worth waking up for. #WendysBreakfast.”

Wendy’s previously tried to compete in the breakfast space in 2012 but it did not do as well as they hoped. It included a honey butter chicken sandwich, the Breakfast Baconator, and a Frosty-ccino. Hopefully, things work out better for them the second time.