Wendy’s Shades Burger King Over New Burger

Wendy’s Shades Burger King Over New Burger


Rappers might be merciless but the social media managers of fast-food restaurants take savagery to new levels. Wendy’s specifically has gone to extremes to ridicule their fast-food competitors.

Most recently, Burger King announced that they would be testing out a new product: a French Fry burger. Now, off the rip, this isn’t a burger that includes a patty and topped with fries. It’s literally fries squeezed between a bun and topped with mayo and ketchup. Now, some might enjoy the concept of this, seeing as how it’s essentially a rip-off of UK’s chip butty, while others scratch their heads with confusion. However, Wendy’s response eviscerated BK over the quality of their beef patties. “When literally anything would be better on a bun than their beef,” they wrote on their Twitter page.

We’ve yet to get a response from BK but someone replied to Wendy’s tweet begging that they say the French Fry burger is a joke. “their whole restaurant is,” Wendys replied.

This type of behavior is pretty tame for Wendys, if we’re being honest. Although several of these fast food joints go after each other on social media, Wendys has gone to lengths to troll their adversaries including releasing a mixtape on streaming services that fired shots at McDonald’s, BK, and many more.

Check out the tweets below.