Wendy Williams Shuts Down Rumors She’s Dating Jeweler William Selby

Wendy Williams Shuts Down Rumors She’s Dating Jeweler William Selby


Wendy Williams, the talk show host who is often under fire for scandalously discussing the personal affairs of others, had people prying into her dating life this past weekend. Rumors started circulating that she was dating 27-year-old jeweler, William Selby, after a series of Instagram posts she shared on Friday. During Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she used her platform to tell her audience and viewers that she is only friends with that man. 

Williams spent Friday evening with Selby, who is commonly known as “Big Will” and has designed jewelry pieces for many popular rappers. The photos that Williams shared of her night with Selby were highly-conducive to speculation about possible romance, especially after they also attended a documentary premiere together earlier in the week. In the first post, she bragged that Selby had sent a car for her. The next hint that they were on a date was Williams photographing her fancy plate of meatballs. The icing on the cake was the shot of the two “friends” nuzzled up against one another on a couch. They smiled as their heads leaned together and they each placed a hand on the other’s leg. 

Despite all these signs suggesting otherwise, Williams claims she is not dating Big Will. She explained the backstory of the cuddly pic, which supposedly arose because they were visiting Selby’s friend in a frigid recording studio. “I had an interesting weekend,” she said on her show. “It was all innocent to me but apparently it caused waves everywhere else. All I’m doing is being Wendy. So I met this young man that I really like. Not in that way, I was setting you up with dramatic effect, he’s this rapper from Philly. His name is Black Papi. He’s 27. Now, I went to a studio session because he’s working on his album and he’s working on it in New York… I was only at the studio for 35 minutes. I was with my friend, who is also my jeweler, Will. But and whatever, here is the big [scoop]. Will is my friend, he happens to be a jeweler. I’m one of his probably low-paying clients. I’m not buying jewelry all the time.” 

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She then went on to further detail her and Will’s respective relationship statuses. “Will is involved with his family, he’s got a whole ‘nother life. No, we did not plan to dress alike. A lot of you all said we looked like a couple. No, we’re not a couple. I got on a beige negligee and threw on that [coat]. It was cold out. And then we get in the studio and I put it on my ‘gram. Yeah, we’re huddled like this in the studio because it’s freezing in there. We are not a couple and I do not have a boyfriend,’ she claimed. ‘That’s it. If I did, I wouldn’t have been out with Will.”