Watch Pop Smoke’s Final Interview

Watch Pop Smoke’s Final Interview


When a recording artist passes away, there are two different ways that fans tend to react. They either dive into their discographies and interviews, hoping to honor the artist’s legacy and salvage the artist’s memory. While some may be able to derive joy from the artist’s work and pay tribute to them in this fashion, others may find this too painful of a reminder that someone they admired is gone. 

For those who can muster the strength, Pop Smoke‘s final interview is making rounds online. He speaks to the hosts of BBC Asian Network, DJ Limelight and Kan D Man, about his wave of success and his recently-released project Meet The Woo 2. The clip serves as a devastating reminder of where the Brooklyn rapper was heading and also how respectful of a guy he was. Before the hosts start asking him questions, he asks them where they’re from and establishes a connection over their shared Middle Eastern roots. He goes on to discuss his breakout song, “Welcome To The Party”, and the various UK producers he had linked up with. He seems genuinely appreciate of all the good fortune that was coming his way. “Life just work like that,” he said. “You never know when the blessing comes your way.” 

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Last Wednesday (Feb. 19), Pop Smoke suffered a fatal gunshot wound during a home invasion in Hollywood Hills. Police are still investigating whether it was a targeted hit.