Watch Justin Bieber Get Ready For the ‘Changes’ Release in ‘Seasons’ Finale

Watch Justin Bieber Get Ready For the ‘Changes’ Release in ‘Seasons’ Finale


On the heels of Justin BIeber landing his seventh No. 1 album with Changes, Beliebers are getting one more inside look at his road to his return in the final episode of his YouTube docuseries Seasons.

The finale, titled "Album on the Way," arrived on Monday (Feb. 24), and it's all about how Bieber prepared for the highly anticipated Changes release with the help of the people around him.

Though Bieber doesn't talk much himself in the episode, his longtime choreographer Nick DeMoura, his health coach Buzz Mingin, and his close pal/Drew House co-founder Ryan Good all detailed the positive strides Justin has made over the past few years.

"The changes I've seen with Justin are monumental," Dr. Mingin said. "He's matured tremendously. He's not living in survivor mode anymore." Good later added, "He's not medicating himself, he's just growing and using the down moments to his advantage and he's learning."

The episode also shares behind-the-scenes footage of the "Yummy" video, which Bieber admits wasn't an easy shoot because he was "in my head a lot." But he now recognizes that he's going to have bad days, and as the episode shows, he has plenty of people in his camp to help him through those — particularly his wife, Hailey, who says confidently, "I know he's the most excited for this chapter."

Watch the final episode of Seasons below.