Warriors Eliminate Rockets From Playoffs, Despite "Ayesha Curry" Trollery In The Stands

Warriors Eliminate Rockets From Playoffs, Despite "Ayesha Curry" Trollery In The Stands


The Ayesha Curry malarky is just that. Steph’s wedded wife faced a ton of unwarranted criticism this past for simply showing herself to be humanly susceptible to jealous insecurities. No big deal, she’s in a better place for having admitted to pining for some of the attention her adoring husband garners from the opposite sex.

husband. Nevertheless, Rockets looking for an edge over the surging Golden State Warriors were in no mood to placate those feelings. One in particular resorted to blowing up a meme he’d created of James Harden and Steph Curry‘s at the marriage altar. The Twitter user did just as he was told, converting the meme into a lifesize poster, which he then brought to Game 6 of the Rockets-Warriors series at the Toyota Center – live and direct.

Unfortunately for #GreekFraud as the trolling fan refers to himself online, the Rockets’ couldn’t leverage his support into a victory. Thanks to the open touches created by Kevin Durant‘s calf injury (shoutout to Knicks’ fans), Steph Curry was able to garner more of the spotlight. Certainly, Steph’s 33 points stick out on the boxscore – all produced within the 2nd half of action, as he’d gone 0-5 in the first before splashing water on his face during the intermission.

Coincidentally, that’s exactly the point in which the Rockets’ James Harden ran himself cold. Call it what you want: Karma, a foreseeable result, what have you; if the Rockets believed they were within inches of besting the Warriors last postseason, they have another thing coming in the final years of Chris Paul’s max deal.