Vince Staples Stars In "F*#! That With Vince Staples" Snapchat Series

Vince Staples Stars In "F*#! That With Vince Staples" Snapchat Series


Aside from making killer music, Vince Staples has come to be known as one the funniest rappers in the game. His dry humor and his unique look at things have made his opinion on things very valuable, and that’s exactly what he’s delivering in his new series on Snapchat.

The show, F*#! That With Vince Staples, airs on Snapchat’s discover page in collaboration with Uproxx. The format the show is as follows: Vince comes up with an activity for one his friends to take for a test run, with Vince delivering the final verdict on whether he’d “F*#! With That” or not. According to The Fader, the activities will range from rage rooms to beekeeping. However, the first episode, which aired on July 1st, tries something a bit more invasive.

In the first episode, Vince has his friend Young Corey go to a pressional to receive a colonic. For those you who are unaware what a colonic is; it’s essentially washing out your large intestine with water. The method in which they administer the water might feel a bit uncomfortable to some, and Young Corey definitely isn’t down with the idea. Throughout, Vince fers his take on his friend’s situation, before finally delivering his final verdict.

Three more episodes are scheduled to air weekly though the month July, so Vince will have plenty more opportunity to torture his friends before the show ends. This isn’t the only show that Vince is working on, as it was reported that he and DRAM have an Adult Swim series in the works.