Vermont Bill Wants To Allow Emojis On License Plates: Report

Vermont Bill Wants To Allow Emojis On License Plates: Report


This is not a joke. There’s a bill being introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives that would allow drivers to add emojis to their license plates.

Introduced by Democrat Rebecca White, the bill doesn’t specify which emojis will be allowed, as there’s nearly 3,000 to chose from, but it does state that the license plate would have to be a combination of numbers and emojis. A person couldn’t have just all emojis on their license plate.

The bill specifies that any emoji would be “in addition to the 10 distinctive number assigned by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or the numerals and letters selected by the registered owner of a vehicle as a vanity plate.” It also suggests that people could choose from 6 different emojis the state would eventually agree on, but it’s unknown what those would be.

Despite their trendsetting ways, Vermont wouldn’t be the first place in the world to allow the emojis on license plates however. Drivers in Queensland, Australia, can add any of five different emoji to their plates. Personalized Plates Queensland’s websites says “With five different emoji characters available, emoji plates allow you to add a little bit more of your personality with a mix of three letters and two numbers.” Those options are the laugh out loud, wink, sunglasses, heart eyes, and smile emoji.