Vanessa Carlton ‘Lets Go of Fear’ Through Passionate Dance in New Exclusive

Vanessa Carlton ‘Lets Go of Fear’ Through Passionate Dance in New Exclusive


Vanessa Carlton has unveiled the stunning music video for her new single "The Only Way to Love," premiering exclusively on Streets Talkin Thursday (Feb. 13).

In the cinematic clip, the singer-songwriter finds herself in an empty auditorium, performing lyrical choreography beneath the shine of a lone spotlight. "I wanna run but I won't get very far/ 'Cause I can't fight the force of my young, beating heart/ And like a soldier's steady march answering the call/ It's the only way to love," she sings as she twirls around stage before being bathed in flickering red and blue lights.

Describing the introspective video as "a visual meditation on the push and pull of fear and courage within our minds," Carlton — who first rocketed to fame in 2002 with her debut single "A Thousand Miles" — tells Streets Talkin, "The dancing is a physical manifestation of this woman’s emotions inside her head. The journey of love is beautiful, brutal, joyful, peaceful…so many chapters. And it only works if you let go of fear. That is her struggle. Until she finally lets go."

"The Only Way to Love" serves as the lead single to Carlton's upcoming sixth studio album, Love Is an Art, which is set to be released March 27 Dine Alone Records. The LP will be her first new release since 2015's Liberman, which included singles "Operator," "House of Seven Swords" and the Steven Obsorne remix of album cut "Nothing Where Something Used To Be."

Check out the exclusive premiere of "The Only Way to Love" below.