Usher Previews "Confessions 3" Track Where He Talks About "Sickness"

Usher Previews "Confessions 3" Track Where He Talks About "Sickness"


Buckle up because Usher is bringing in a new set of confessions. The famed R&B singer has been teasing fans with the prospect of new music for quite some time. He’s shared photos of himself on social media as he works in the studio with some of our favorite producers and spoken about being excited about his new project. Usher is preparing for the release of Confessions Part III, the forthcoming installment of his popular series. On Monday (February 24), the singer reportedly performed a new song during his Live from the Cricket Lounge appearance, and after a clip surfaced online, some people believe Usher was doing more than singing a new tune.

Usher Previews "Confessions 3" Track Where He Talks About "Sickness"
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty Images

For years, Usher has been the target of multiple lawsuits from women who claim he gave them herpes. The singer has never come forward to address the allegations, but court documents reportedly show that he paid a $1 million settlement to one of his accusers. None of us truly knows what Usher’s medical history may be, but a few lyrics from his Monday performance became the talk of social media.

“Remember that time I was sitting up sick, couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night? / You said bae let me take you to the ER, I said, ‘Nah, Imma be alright / Well the next day I found out from f*cking around that the sickness I had was life / And I was fixed with the decision to keep it, knowing I had to get rid of it, rid of it, live with it,” he sang.

After he concluded, Usher talked directly to the audience. “You realize what I just told you?” he asked with a smirk. “You don’t realize it, huh? Well, you can play it back.” Check out the clip below.