Tyson Fury Divulges His Insane Diet Coke Habit

Tyson Fury Divulges His Insane Diet Coke Habit


Tyson Fury has been up front about his addictive personality over the course of his professional boxing career, specifically his battles with drug and alcohol abuse, which nearly cost him his career, as well as his life. Ahead of his highly anticipated rematch with WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder this Saturday, Fury shed some light on another addiction he recently had to kick – Diet Coke.

Tyson Fury Divulges His Insane Diet Coke Habit

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

During an interview with ESPN’s Max Kellerman, Tyson explained how he had to cut out Diet Coke entirely in preparation for Saturday’s title fight. Just how many Diet Cokes are we talking? According to Fury, anywhere from 20 to 30 A DAY.

“It’s just something, a little sacrifice more. I love me Diet Cokes. And I was having, I don’t know, 20, 30 in a day sometimes…. It is a little ridiculous, but you know, whatever. So I cut them out. I took them away from myself. I took everything that I held dear, everything that I like, I took it out of my life.”

“I’ve been away in Las Vegas for 10 weeks by the time the fight comes around. I’ve not had my wife here, my kids, I’ve not had no drinks, I’ve not had nothing. I’ve not put a single object in my mouth that shouldn’t have been there. The only thing I put in is what the nutritionist wrote on a piece of paper.”

Fury’s first clash with Wilder in December 2018 ended in a draw, but he has picked up a pair of victories since then and is apparently taking all the steps to ensure he walks out of Vegas with the strap this Saturday. If that is indeed the case, there may not be enough Diet Cokes in the state of Nevada to satisfy the Gypsy King.

Check out his recent interview with Kellerman in the video embedded below.