Tyreek Hill Allegedly Threatened Fiancee: "You Need To Be Terrified Of Me, Too"

Tyreek Hill Allegedly Threatened Fiancee: "You Need To Be Terrified Of Me, Too"


Hours after clearing the air with TMZ Sports, the tabloid has effectively turned the tables on Tyreek Hill, by releasing a video where he purportedly threatens his baby mother with the same allusion of violence that he exacted on his three-year-old child.

Although TMZ is toeing the line with cautious language, the audio does bear a likeness to his voice, and to their knowledge, it was recorded by Tyreek’s baby mother/fiancee as an insurance policy. The tape was reportedly passed on to a friend who sat on it for a brief moment before submitting the evidence to Kansas City news outlet KCTV at a later time.

Both Tyreek Hill and his fiancee Crystal Espinal were the subjects of a child abuse investigation involving their own three-year-old son. The following is a transcript of the recording. Please be advised, the clip does contain sensitive material.

Crystal Espinal: “He is terrified of you. And you say that he respects you, but it’s not respect.”

Tyreek Hill: “He respects me.”

Crystal: “He is terrified of you.”

Tyreek Hill: “You need to be terrified of me, too, bitch. That’s why you can’t keep a f*cking man.”

Crystal Espinal: “He started crying & you were like, ‘Shut up, shut up, stop crying, stop crying.'”

Tyreek Hill: “Right.”

Crystal Espinal: “And then he kept crying because he was scared. He’s terrified. You grabbed onto him somehow or he fell? 1 of the 2.”

Tyreek Hill: “I didn’t do nothing.”

Crystal Espinal: “Then why does he say, ‘Daddy did it.’? Why?”

Tyreek Hill: “He says Daddy does a lot of things.”

Crystal Espinal: “A 3-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.”