Tyra Banks’ Toddler Son Celebrates Body Positivity

Tyra Banks’ Toddler Son Celebrates Body Positivity


Tyra Banks’ son, York Banks Asla, understands the concept of body positivity at the tender age of just four-years-old. Hailing from Inglewood, California and beginning her modeling career at 15-years-old, Tyra Banks has been able to acquire the mental toughness to ward off comments about her physical features from people in the modeling industry, critics, and fans alike. In a business that requires aesthetic perfection, the America’s Next Top Model creator has been celebrating body positivity for years and now her son, York, is doing the same and even knows how to smize

Tyra Banks' Toddler Son Celebrates Body Positivity Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Tyra Banks took her talents to Good Morning America on Monday (Feb. 24) to talk about a plethora of subjects including her upcoming experimental venture ModelLand, her various entrepreneurial endeavors, and motherhood. When the topic of her son arose, Banks (AKA Banx) had this to say:

“My little boy is amazing. First of all, he’s a hot mess.” Tyra Banks then went on to add, “Oh he knows how to smize… And, I’m teaching my son to love all body types.” 

The former supermodel then went on to explain her ‘X out booty standards’ slogan to which her son, York, commonly uses in his own vernacular. Tyra Banks continued:

“He’s like, ‘Mommy x out booty standards, mommy your booty is bigger and it’s OK.'”

Banks then went on to state her influence about her current ModelLand venture saying:

America’s Next Top Model is in 180 countries, it is one of the longest-running reality shows in history, but I feel like I’ve only given so many people that opportunity. It’s time to bust open that door and give everyone that opportunity to feel beautiful and push so much self-love into their spirit. I created ModelLand as a place you can come and live the ultimate modeling fantasy. You can do the fanta-scene, which is like the fanciest spa you’ve ever gone to, except instead of a massage you get couture hair, makeup, styling, photos to take home — everybody who comes gets a look book.”

The fashion-forward businesswoman went on to explain that it took a total of twelve years for ModelLand to become a reality. The goal for ModelLand is to provide women and men the full supermodel experience from fashion shows and photoshoots to shopping and more. The model-based ‘theme park’ is based in Santa Monica, California and is set to open doors sometime this spring. 

Check out Tyra Banks discuss her son’s body positivity mindset as well as her full interview on Good Morning America below.