Twitter Shades Future’s Baby Mama For Letting Him Buy Her Love With Fancy Bday Trip

Twitter Shades Future’s Baby Mama For Letting Him Buy Her Love With Fancy Bday Trip


Future has notoriously been accused of neglecting his baby mamas and children. He is a busy and potentially “Selfish” man, so with this many people to look after, the most he can do at times is send heaps of money their way. For example, he has been mocked for absurdly giving his five-year-old son a $50,000 Rolex for his birthday – the same son whose mother, Ciara, publicly shamed Future for bailing on his schedule visits with

When it comes to his baby mamas, Future has expressed his gratitude for their maternal work by funding extravagant vacations. In early September, one of Future’s ex’s, Brittni, was seen lavishly travelling from Italy to Spain in Instagram posts. This trip coincided with Future airing his grievances about the costliness of Virgo season

However, it turns out Libra season ain’t too cheap either. Over the past few days, The Wizrd rapper has been pictured in Turks & Caicos with other baby mama, Joie Chavis, to celebrate her birthday. Joie has documented their trip on Instagram, showing the beautiful villa they’re staying in and the over-the-top birthday party Future threw for her. Unsurprisingly, while Joie is on a massive boat, living her best life, people on Twitter are criticizing her for letting petty Future pamper her like that. On the other hand, some are interpreting this vacation as proof that Joie is Future’s favorite of his collection of baby mamas. It’s very likely that Joie understands the true nature of Future’s tactics, so she might as well enjoy a break from the exhaustion of motherhood when she has the opportunity. 

Check out the haters’ and supporters’ tweets below.