Trump Agrees He’s Done More For Black Americans "Than Any Other President"

Trump Agrees He’s Done More For Black Americans "Than Any Other President"


Donald Trump’s presidency’s been tasked with its biggest test to date — the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched the pandemic unravel in America and how Donald Trump, along with the task force, has handled it. There has no doubt been backlash, but even in the midst of a pandemic, Trump has found time to clapback at his critics on social media.

Trump Agrees He's Done More For Black Americans "Than Any Other President"
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Earlier today, Donald Trump seemingly went on a Twitter spree where he responded to a few of his supporters as if he had just dropped a new album. Among the many comments he received praising his work in office was one supporter who tweeted, “Trump has done more for Blacks than all the other Presidents combined! Are we together?”

Trump quoted the tweet and agreed with the sentiment, though he did give Abraham Lincoln, who famously freed slaves in America, his credit. Many people would disagree with this sentiment, though clearly, Trump does have his fair share of supporters who do think that he’s done more for the Black American population than any other president.

Donald Trump has been trying to win over Black voters as the days inch closer to the Presidential election that’s supposed to take place later this year. Though he’s touted that the Black unemployment rate reached an all-time low during his time in office, the pandemic has hit Black communities in America harder, as well as unemployment rates.