Travis Scott Offers to Design Senior Class Shirts for Houston High School

Travis Scott Offers to Design Senior Class Shirts for Houston High School


Update: Streets Talkin spoke with Lyndsy Horta of Weslaco High School in Texas, who claims to have originally designed the shirt featuring the artwork mentioned below alongside Itzel Rodriguez and Fernando Coronado for their senior class before it spread to other schools in the area.

"It’s nothing but love now. We were just shocked at how they got all the credit for something we did on our own months before," Horta relays Twitter DM. "We’re not looking for free shirts (even though that’d be cool). We just wanna be recognized for our design."

Students at Houston's Dwight D. Eisenhower High School have been peppering Travis Scott with tweets in hopes of having him provide approval of using his "Watch" cover art as part of their senior class merchandise this year. La Flame one-upped the students' hopes with his reply, offering to design the senior shirts himself free of charge.

Sandra Vasquez, a senior at the school, shot the Astroworld rapper the tweet that ultimately caught his eye. "Can you please grant us permission to use your cover for our senior shirts for our graduating class of 2019 in Houston, Tx @ Eisenhower High School?" she wrote Wednesday. 

Hours later, Scott said in his reply that he would gladly create the customized shirts for the high school back in his hometown. "I'll just design them for u guys and send a box thru how about that?" he proposed.

XXL caught up with Vasquez, who was in a state of euphoria, along with the rest of the student body thanks to the "Sicko Mode" rapper's generosity. "We were shook," she told the outlet. "We love Travis and all he does for Houston." It's safe to say the class of 2019 will be one to remember for the ragers at Dwight D. Eisenhower High School.

Check out the designs and Travis Scott's answer below.