Travis Kelce’s GF Uses Butt To Distract Him From His Video Games

Travis Kelce’s GF Uses Butt To Distract Him From His Video Games


When you’re in quarantine and can’t leave your house, there isn’t very much to do aside from playing copious amounts of video games, all while catching up on some of your favorite television shows. Superstar NFL tight end and recent Super Bowl-winner Travis Kelce knows exactly what I’m talking about. He has been spending the last few weeks in front of his PlayStation, making his way through all of the games in his collection.

Well, all of this has come at the dismay of his girlfriend, Kayla Nicole. In fact, she recently took to Instagram (and TikTok) to show off the ways in which she tries to distract Kelce from his video games. Of course, the vast majority of her efforts include sensual dances and the use of her butt to entice Kelce away from the screen. As you can see from the video below, her efforts haven’t actually paid off.

Kelce seems pretty content with his video games and honestly, we don’t blame him. Some games take hours to complete and the quarantine is the perfect time to get through some titles he may have been putting off. The last thing you would want during this time is a distraction.

We’re sure some of you wisecracking commenters will have some jokes about this so we look forward to reading them. In the meantime, let us know what games you have been playing during the lockdown.