Tove Lo Ripples Through an Alternate Dimension in Out-of-Body ‘Sweettalk My Heart’ Video

Tove Lo Ripples Through an Alternate Dimension in Out-of-Body ‘Sweettalk My Heart’ Video


Swedish pop pundit Tove Lo pleads with her lover for passionate false promises in the “Sweettalk My Heart” music video, which she released Friday.

“‘Sweettalk My Heart’ is weirdly my happy love song. In a way, I’m asking the person I love to lie to me; promise things we both know we can’t know if we can keep. Because nobody knows the future,” Lo said in a press release. “But it’s about believing what you’re both feeling in the present — that you’ll love each other forever. It might be nave, but I think that’s good. Being realistic about love makes it impossible to fully feel it.”

The fourth track from her latest album, Sunshine Kitty, is dressed up in a wistful visual that turns into the singer’s out-of-body experience, foreshadowed in the whispers heard during the first 30 seconds: “Sometimes it feels like I’m seeing myself from the outside.” Lo intermittently dances throughout her apartment, seen in two lenses — from her normal point of view and from an outsider perspective that perceives her touch to ripple through the walls and floor like water. As she undresses herself and is left clad in her black bra and underwear, the electro-pop singer rips through the wooden floorboard to further streamline the water illusion. “Sweeter than love/ Is the taste of all those promises/ That pulls you in for good,” she wails. 

But she pulls herself into the oven, crawling into the tunnel that takes her right back to her apartment — only this time, the camera reveals Lo to be looking directly at herself from a point-of-view angle. In Us-inspired choreography, she dances in sync with her “tethered” self.

The “Sweettalk my Heart” video was helmed by the famous directing duo Bradley & Pablo (Charli XCX, Rosala), whom Lo said are “really good at making cool powerful female artists look their most awesome.”

“I wrote this song; being newly in love with someone while being far away from them, forced to communicate through a screen most of the time, the idea of shooting through glass/see through walls came to life,” she said about the inspiration for the clip.

Watch the entire mesmerizing music video below.