Tom Brady’s Rumored Demands For The Patriots Revealed

Tom Brady’s Rumored Demands For The Patriots Revealed


New England Patriots legend Tom Brady will become a free agent for the first time in his career, next month. Brady has spent 20 seasons with the Patriots and has won six Super Bowls. While it would be truly bizarre to see Brady in any jersey other than the Patriots, it is becoming a real possibility, unless, of course, the two sides can figure something out.

In a report from Jeff Howe of The Athletic, it was revealed that Brady wanted a two-year deal last season although the Patriots didn’t want to do it. At 42 years old, Brady is reportedly still looking for a two-year commitment and if the Patriots can’t provide that, then he may have to walk away.

Tom Brady's Rumored Demands For The Patriots Revealed

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Per Howe:

“Last year when the sides renegotiated Brady’s contract, Brady wanted guaranteed money for the 2020 season to assure his own job security. The Patriots didn’t want to go that far, or at least not with an acceptable amount of guaranteed money. That’s why they compromised – the Pats were essentially only on the hook for 2019 with a 42-year-old quarterback, and Brady got an $8 million raise, freedom from the franchise tag and the voided language that assured the Patriots’ likelihood of a decision on his future prior to the March 18 start of free agency.”

Stay tuned for updates on Brady’s impending free agency decision as we will be sure to bring them to you.