Tom Brady Free Agency Betting Odds Revealed As Rumors Swirl

Tom Brady Free Agency Betting Odds Revealed As Rumors Swirl


Tom Brady will be heading into this offseason in a position he has never been in before. Yes, that’s right, Brady will be a free agent for the very first time in his career. The six-time Super Bowl-champion has been with the New England Patriots for what seems like an eternity and fans want him to stay with the team. Meanwhile, fans of teams in need of a quarterback are hoping he will go to them with his services. At 43 years old, Brady believes he still has a lot in the tank and fans are hopeful he has another Super Bowl in him. 

Recently, betting odds were released by in relation to where Brady will end up next season. For now, Brady has a 66.67% chance of returning to the Patriots although if for some reason that doesn’t happen, there are plenty of options for him.

As of right now, the Las Vegas Raiders are the favorite with 3/1 odds while the Los Angeles Chargers are at 4/1. Some of the other teams on the list are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7/1), the Indianapolis Colts (9/1), the Carolina Panthers (9/1), and surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys (9/1). 

With all of these teams in mind, free agency is about to get interesting. Where would you want to see Brady play?