"Tiger King" Star Jeff Lowe Responds To Strange Carole Baskin Theory

"Tiger King" Star Jeff Lowe Responds To Strange Carole Baskin Theory


The greatest (or worst) thing that has come out of this pandemic has been Tiger King. Hailed by Joel McHale as the greatest docu-series of all time, it certainly is one of the most riveting, entertaining, and wild documentaries ever. Following the reunion episode that premiered this weekend, fans of the show still had questions, specifically for Jeff Lowe, and the man came through with some answers.

If you’ve been obsessed with the show (and all of the conspiracy theories surrounding it), then you already know about the ties between Jeff Lowe and Carole Baskin. The internet believes to have found evidence that the two were married at some point, tracing it all back to a photo that shows Baskin and her former husband, who looks a little like Lowe. 

Jeff Lowe is adamant that he has never been married to Carole Baskin, taking to a board to tell the people the truth.

“You’re a brilliant man and she is not my type,” said Jeff Lowe during an AMA session on , responding to a fan who remarked how he generally goes for younger women. “If I was stuck on a deserted island with her, I would fuck a coconut. I’ve seen the side by side pictures. It looks more like John and Joe’s love child.”

In the same question-and-answer period, Lowe spoke on how the show was represented to the participants, noting that the producers didn’t do an accurate job of telling them what would be shown.

“They framed it as an expose on Carole Baskins,” he wrote. “And to Carole, they said it was warning against the dangers of keeping tigers. They misrepresented the show to everyone.”