'The Voice' Alum Lauren Duski Takes Her Mask Off on 'Costume Party': Listen

'The Voice' Alum Lauren Duski Takes Her Mask Off on 'Costume Party': Listen


It's been nearly a year since Lauren Duski finished as runner-up on NBC's The Voice, and her fans in her home state of Michigan haven't forgotten how she put their state on the country music map.

The singer-songwriter hit the Streets Talkin Hot 100 three times during her run on the reality competition, skyrocketing her career in entertainment to fairytale heights, but there's a price ag on success we don't often see — and Duski addresses those trials in her new single “Costume Party.”

“'Costume Party' is a fantastic song,” says Maroon 5 frontman and Duski's Voice coach Adam Levine. ”From the first listen, it got to me.”

Duski says Levine has kept up with her and her work, checking in on her and offering advice whenever possible.

“He’s just been really kind and continues to be a mentor,” she is quoted saying in a press release. ”He doesn’t have to give me that time, but for some reason he has, and it’s meant more than I could ever tell him.”

Her post-Voice debut is a slow country ballad that took Duski a while to nail down - not because she wasn't feeling creative, but because she had to gain the strength to really let her truest and most emotionally raw self shine through. When half your job is to smile and look happy, it's intimidating to tell people the harder truths. 

“There was a lot of pressure to put something out right away, both from fans and from industry, but I wasn’t ready, and my team and I chose to practice patience,” she said. “I’ve written over 150 songs in the last year and knew the day [co-writer] Justin [Morgan] and I wrote it, that 'Costume Party' was the message I wanted to share with the world first. It’s an observation of my own humanity delivered through a country song. I think that’s beautiful. It was the most vulnerable I’ve ever been, to the point that it was uncomfortable to even record these words.”

The response so far has left Duski positively “overwhelmed.”

“It's really opened people up and led them to share some really personal stories with me,” she says, “and that's been incredible.”

Duski is set to tour with radio personality Bobby Bones in August. On Friday, she'll rock her largest crowd ever in her hometown of Gaylord, Michigan. More than 5,000 fans are expected to cheer on “Michigan's Girl.” Watch her as she returns to her home state on a little victory lap in her “The Duski Trails” vlog series, and listen to “Costume Party” below.