The Twilight Sad Open Up About Legacy Of Friend Scott Hutchinson, New Album

The Twilight Sad Open Up About Legacy Of Friend Scott Hutchinson, New Album


Before The Twilight Sad took the stage on Sunday (July 8) at the British Summer Time Festival in London's Hyde Park, lead singer James Graham and guitarist Andy MacFarlane spoke to NME about losing friend and Frightened Rabbit front man Scott Hutchison and their new album.

The Fat Cat label mates were close and played shows together throughout the course of their careers. After taking some time, 18 months to be exact, after finishing their last tour to work on their new album and taking even more time to mourn, the band is back in action.

“We got through it and moved forward, and I think we’ve done alright. With everything that’s happened over the past wee while, getting through it was the main thing,” says Graham. “Seeing people’s reaction to us being out and what we did for Scott shows that we need to be doing it and keeping his music alive. As a band, we’re in a place where we’re excited about being in front of people again. I still feel very strange about everything, but the gigs themselves has helped.”

The band is excited about their new album that will be coming out in January. “Right now we feel more like a band than we've ever been,” expresses MacFarlane. The album, according to the Scotsmen, will be a bit heavier lyrically and thematically and faster than their previous album Journey and is “accessible without being cheese.”

Towards the end of the interview, the band touched on the death of their longtime friend Hutchison and toxic masculinity in the world of punk. During the last time the interviewer sat down with Hutchison, the singer opened up about how he hated the thought that being open and vulnerable was in any way emasculating to which Graham responded, “That's so true. It's such an old way of thinking. F**k that. I'm probably the most over-emotional c**t you'll ever meet, and I'm fine with that!”

Since their return to the stage, The Twilight Sad added a cover of the Frightened Rabbit song ”Keep Yourself Warm” to their set during gigs in honor of Hutchison. “And now that we've started covering 'Keep Yourself Warm' as least we have one good song in the set!” quipped MacFarlene. Graham agrees and exclaims ”Aye, at least people know one tune!”