The Inspiring Responses to Justin Bieber’s ‘ChangesforJustin’ Challenge Will Blow Your Mind

The Inspiring Responses to Justin Bieber’s ‘ChangesforJustin’ Challenge Will Blow Your Mind


Justin Bieber has been chronicling his transformation on the Seasons series on YouTube, letting Beliebers in on his battle to kick his bad habits, focus on his health and share in the joy of his marriage to wife Hailey Baldwin.

Now, in conjunction with the uplifting vibe of his "Intentions" video with Quavo, the pair has announced a $200,000 fund to support Los Angeles' Alexandria House for women and children transitioning out of shelters, while spotlighting a struggling student, a foster care worker and a poet whose work is molded from her experience with homelessness.

After stopping by MTV's Fresh Out Live on Friday to give a fan who has dedicated herself to advocating for mental health a $100,000 check, Bieber has advanced his cause further with a #ChangesforJustin challenge to his fans that is already blowing him away.

"What you guys are putting out there is so poweful," he wrote on Sunday night (Feb. 9). We are in this together. I love you. #ChangesforJustin I keep watching and reading them both on here and YouTube and I'm so grateful."

The stories that Beliebers have shared so far are inspiring, heartbreaking and brave, from one fan's video essay about her experience after coming out as bisexual, to another describing her years-long battle with depression and thoughts of suicide, a story of how Bieber's music helped keep one fan stable and another one motivated, as well as honest videos and essays about the crippling effects of anxiety and abuse.

Bieber's Changes album is due out on Friday (Feb. 14).

Check out some of the videos and posts below.

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