The Game Continues Daily Nipsey Hussle Tributes: "You CHANGED THE WORLD"

The Game Continues Daily Nipsey Hussle Tributes: "You CHANGED THE WORLD"


While many have been left reeling over the death of Nipsey Hussle, The Game appears to have taken the loss particularly hard. For the last week or so, Game has been sharing a slew of dedications to Nipsey, to the point where his Instagram account has become lined with images of the Victory Lap rapper. It’s known that the rapper was previously working on an unknown project with Neighborhood Nip, a fact that speaks to the nature of their friendship. Even now, he’s finding it difficult to process the situation, and has vowed to honor Nipsey appropriately for the foreseeable future.

Today, Game penned another reflection on Hussle, and the impact he left on Los Angeles. “Your constant push for greatness, elevation, success & the gentrification of the neighborhood in which you dedicated your life to will forever serve as the foundation in which new dreams are built on,” writes Game. “I look at this picture & I see a King… a man whose sole purpose was to uplift, share knowledge, encourage & stimulate the minds of the youth as well as any adult who wanted to better themselves.”

Once again, Game cites Nipsey as a key inspiration, and we can only hope that he proceeds to follow Hussle’s lead and honor the groundwork he set. “You CHANGED THE WORLD Nip,” he writes. “Even if nobody else knew or understood the importance of who you were while you were here, the kid in the backseat of the black Jeep in this picture did.” It wouldn’t be surprising to see Game elaborate on his emotions come Born To Rap, where a Nipsey Hussle tribute track feels like an inevitability. 

Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle.