The All Stars Are Returning To The Challenge On Paramount+

The All Stars Are Returning To The Challenge On Paramount+


The All Stars are back for more glory on The Challenge. And some of the players haven’t competed in more than twenty years.

Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, and MTV Entertainment Studios today announced that the powerhouse series, The Challenge: All Stars, has been given the green light for season two and will debut on November 11. The 10-episode season will drop weekly, exclusively on the streaming service.

Hosted by TJ Lavin, 24 of the fiercest reality titans from the hit franchiseā€™s long history will vie for the chance at half a million dollars. With past relationships that run deep and a competitive streak that never dies, they will have to overcome the obstacles both in and out of the game to take home the win. Returning for a chance to win the ultimate competition, the players face unprecedented, over-the-top challenges and vie for their shot at the $500,000 prize.

Find out who is returning from Season 1 — and who will make their Season 2 debut in the cast list below. Stay with MTV News for more All Stars updates — and do not miss the new season beginning on Thursday, November 11!

Ayanna Mackins – 3 Challenges

Brad Fiorenza – 10 Challenges, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Casey Cooper – 4 Challenges (Instagram)

Cohutta Grindstaff – 4 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Darrell Taylor – 9 Challenges, 4 Wins (Twitter / Instagram )

Derek Chavez – 3 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Derrick Kosinski – 10 Challenges, 3 Wins (Twitter / Instagram)

Janelle Casanave – 2 Challenges, 1 Win (Instagram)

Jasmine Reynaud – 5 Challenges (Instagram)

Jodi Weatherton – 2 Challenges, 3 Wins (Instagram)

Jonna Mannion – 5 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Katie Doyle – 9 Challenges, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Kendal Darnell – 1 Challenge, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Laterrian Wallace – 3 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Leah Gillingwater- 1 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Melinda Collins – 4 Challenges (Instagram)

MJ Garrett – 3 Challenges, 1 Win (Instagram)

Nehemiah Clark – 4 Challenges, 1 Win (Twitter / Instagram)

Ryan Kehoe – 5 Challenges (Instagram)

Sophia Pasquis – 2 Challenges (Instagram)

Steve Meinke – 1 Challenge (Twitter)

Teck Holmes- 1 Challenge (Twitter / Instagram)

Tina Barta – 5 Challenges (Twitter / Instagram)

Tyler Duckworth – 4 Challenges, 2 Wins (Twitter / Instagram)