Teyana Taylor Says There Will Not Be a New Version of Her Album 'K.T.S.E.'

Teyana Taylor Says There Will Not Be a New Version of Her Album 'K.T.S.E.'


G.O.O.D. Music songstress Teyana Taylor was the final artist from Kanye West's label to release her album, K.T.S.E., as part of their five-week run of records last month. Though the sultry sophomore album was lauded by fans, Taylor voiced her disappointment in the project after experiencing several sample-clearance issues. Unfortunately, Taylor's wish for a new version of K.T.S.E. will no longer happen, as she detailed on Twitter Monday (July 2). 

After a Twitter user asked for the whereabouts of her updated album, Taylor revealed that her hopes for a new version had been deflated. ”I guess we ain’t getting one,” she bluntly replied. Minutes later, Taylor sent a second tweet explaining how she intends to release the updated music. ”A lot of clearance issues, shit takes time. At this point I will leave album the way it is & will just debut the extended records thru my visuals!” she said.

Last week, in an interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, Taylor expressed her dissatisfaction with the release of K.T.S.E. and vowed to drop a second version of the album. “Saturday, Sunday, you’ll hear the complete version of the album,” Taylor stated. “At the end of ‘Issues,’ I had the Sade piece in there. The end of ‘Rose in Harlem,’ I had [Lauryn Hill’s] ‘Lost Ones’ in there, and I was really talking that shit,” she continued. “Once y'all hear the album next week, you'll see what I'm talking about, because it's way more complete.”

Rather than play the blame game and point fingers at executive producer Kanye West, Taylor assigned fault to all the parties involved in the creation of her album. ”I’d have to blame a little bit of everybody because we set the date and we had the listening party, and then we had clearance issues. As far as the clearance issues, I don’t know. I feel like everybody plays a part,” she explained. “With Ye, he really wanted me to be happy, and he knew that the wait was killing me.”

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