Teairra Mari Calls 50 Cent "Spare Change" & A "Washed Up Old School Rapper"

Teairra Mari Calls 50 Cent "Spare Change" & A "Washed Up Old School Rapper"


Until this point, there hasn’t been another celebrity petty enough to go back and forth with 50 Cent, but Teairra Mari is giving the rapper a run for his money. Fiddy has a reputation of oftentimes hitting below the belt, trolling those that he thinks are deserving of his negative attention. He had no real beef with Teairra until she named the rapper in her revenge porn lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend. After a graphic sex tape or Teairra made the social media rounds, 50 joined in and shared the images. 

Because of this, Teairra took 50 to court, but ultimately a judge dismissed her case. However, 50 gained a slight win when Teairra was ordered to pay a portion of his legal fees to the tune of $30K. Since then, 50 has publically called her out, demanding that she run him his check. Teairra has responded with equal fervor, saying that she doesn’t have his money so he’s going to have to kick back and wait until she does.

This has turned into a trolling fiasco, as other celebs including 6ix9ine and Floyd Mayweather have been brought into their social media beef. The R&B singer has dissed the rapper on a recent track, and 50 has stated that a warrant has been issued for Teairra’s arrest since she refuses to pay him. The singer took to Instagram once again today to throw a few shots at her current foe by acting out a scene where she’s packing her bags as if she’s about to make a run for it.

In the clip, a friend catches Teairra in the act and asks her what she’s doing. “First of all, b*itch, I gotta get the f*ck outta dodge,” Teairra says in the scene. “You ain’t heard? First of all, I have a warrant for my arrest. You didn’t hear that? Curtis, girl.” When the person off camera asks her where she’s going, Teairra says, “I don’t know, girl. I’m just gon’ get on the road and go ’cause I gotta get the f*ck on. I think I’m gonna go to Mexico.”

Meanwhile, she wrote out a lengthy caption calling 50’s recent warrant accusations a lie. She also says that contrary to the rapper’s claims, he never trademarked her “I Ain’t Got It” phrase. “Never believe a n*gga named Curtisss,” she began. “Even if he is your favorite washed up old school rapper. Here is the real news: my lawyers are all the way on point (the best), I never had an arrest warrant…and spare change never TRADEMARKED SH*T…he is just trying to steal drip…he needs it bad…you see how this boy dress.”

How long before this is considered flirting?