Tay-K’s Sister Speaks: "He Did Nothing Violent"

Tay-K’s Sister Speaks: "He Did Nothing Violent"


The trial of Texas-born Taymor McIntyre, professionally known as Tay-K, was highly-publicized last year as it was revealed that the teenager would be sentenced to fifty-five years in prison in connection to his murder charges. Currently only nineteen-years-old, McIntyre has been the subject of this case since he was fifteen. His defense has attempted to argue that, because of his age, the rapper was not of right mind as his decision-making was not quite up to par yet. His sister, who previously spoke out to advocate for Tay-K’s release, is back spitting the same tune, making it clear that she believes her brother should not be behind bars right now, and certainly not for the next fifty-five years.

Kayla Renee, the sister of Taymor McIntyre, posted a statement to her Facebook page, which was later shared to the rapper’s Instagram story. She suggested that, instead of teaching young black men that they are “worthless” by locking them up, some sort of rehabilitation should be offered. She then went on to reference her brother’s case directly, stating that she believes he is innocent.

“There’s no way my brother should have gotten 30+ years for a crime that was committed at the age of 15years old, he did NOTHING violent. He harmed NOBODY. The outcome was not INTENTIONAL,” she says. “He did not walk into this situation believing someone’s life would be taken (rational or not, it’s scientifically proven our decision making is not nowhere near developed yet).”

Do you think Tay-K will serve out the entirety of his sentence?

Tay-K's Sister Speaks: "He Did Nothing Violent"