Tank Exposed By Celina Powell As A Cheater

Tank Exposed By Celina Powell As A Cheater


R&B singer Tank shares two children with his longtime love Zena Foster, but he’s also allegedly been looking for some fun on the side as it has been revealed that he was possibly creeping around with hip-hop’s Black Widow, Celina Powell. 

Here we go again… As if it weren’t enough for her to allegedly expose Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, Offset, and so many more, Celina Powell has struck again, this time aiming her arrow at R&B singer Tank. The last time the singer was in headlines this juicy was when he was embroiled in a back-and-forth with 50 Cent, who called him out over his comments about male-on-male oral sex. Tank had said that engaging in oral sex with another man “once or twice” doesn’t necessarily make you gay, it simply means you’re experimenting and finding out what you’re into. Fiddy wasn’t into that statement, attempting to out Tank on social media. Now, he’s back on the gossip circuit and, this time, the story can potentially damage the love of his life.

Tank Exposed By Celina Powell As A Cheater
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Celina Powell is infamous for sliding into celebrities’ direct messages and shooting her shot, oftentimes coming through and getting flown out to spend the night. After her encounters, she shares details of what allegedly went down, exposing rappers for their weird fetishes and more. In the past, she has alleged that Snoop Dogg had an affair with her and snorted cocaine off of her body. Now, she’s pulling the receipts on Tank.

Taking to her Instagram story, Black Widow Celina Powell claimed that Tank is having an affair with her, putting his relationship with Zena Foster in danger. Posting one of the artist’s songs, Powell disgustingly asked Tank’s wife, “How does my p*ssy taste,” mocking her and claiming to have gotten intimate with the singer. She followed that up by leaking the direct messages that she allegedly shared with Tank.

“Imagine you making me cum 20x a night,” said Powell to Tank. A married man should know to ignore any sort of message like this but, not knowing any better, he seemingly responded that he was already in the process of playing that scene in his head. They then went on to make fun of Tank’s slow response times, before he admitted that he only ever goes on Snapchat to see what the Black Widow has sent him. I wonder what kind of photos were making their way onto his phone…

Then, Powell says that she wants to be his girlfriend but, let’s face it, we all know she was never in it for the long term. This is something that she pulls on a regular basis, vlogging about her interactions with recording artists and calling them out for either being cheap, bad in bed, or overall shitty people who cheat on their partners. 

Do you think her claims hold any weight or is she capping all over again? After all, her track record isn’t too clean at all. She did lie about being pregnant with Offset’s baby a few years ago.