Tamar Braxton Claps Back At Body Shamer’s Cellulite Comments

Tamar Braxton Claps Back At Body Shamer’s Cellulite Comments


A few weeks ago, Tamar Braxton turned heads when she said that she would not be attending her niece’s funeral because she “has no time.” The loss of 24-year-old LoLo Braxton has been difficult for her to process, admitting that it’s the first time she’s ever had to fully understand a death within her family. She seems to be moving her energy away from the sadness she felt with the rest of her sisters and instead, she’s started to clap back at the body shamers lurking in her comments.

Tamar wished Kandi Burruss a happy birthday with a video that shows them twerking together on stage. In the clip, Braxton can be seen with cellulite marks on the back of her thighs and some of her critics pointed that out in their reactions. The hate was so potent that the reality star decided to post a second video, this time addressing the cellulite on her body.

“There is FORSURE more cellulite to kiss,” she wrote. “Some of you are just PURE ignorant as to what a women’s body’s REALLY looks like without a filter. I am a PROUD woman and I have earned EVERY wrinkle and dimple. @david.adefeso loves it and actually likes me thick. I have good credit, a FEW jobs, my bills are paid, my mama house paid for, my son is taken care of AND I’m living my BEST life!! If u can’t deal with my dimples that’s on you!”

Tamar mentioned that she and her new boyfriend are fans of the way she looks and she’s not about to let the internet hate get to her.