T-Pain Injured His Vocal Cord Hit Pause On Touring And Recording – Urban Islandz

T-Pain Injured His Vocal Cord Hit Pause On Touring And Recording – Urban Islandz


T-Pain is taking a break from music over an injured vocal cord.

The rapper/singer told his fans about his health issue in a video posted on his IG while announcing that he will be hitting the pause button on touring and recording music per his doctor advice. “Sorry guys. I’ll be back out there soon,” T-Pain wrote. “Take care yourself out there. My apologies to all the schools and venues. I wanna be 100% on that stage and give my all, but I wouldn’t be able to in my current condition. Rescheduling is happening as we speak. Thank you for understanding. Again, my sincere apologies.”

T-Pain added that he has been touring and working a lot performing two shows per day sometimes and he hasn’t been taking the timeout to take care his health. He noted that he had been feeling some pain in his throat lately and when to get himself checked out at the doctor who advised him to take a break or else he will do permanent damages to his voice.

“There’s been a lot work that I’ve been doing, and I just got f tour, sometimes I’ve been doing two shows a day,” Pain said. “The truth the matter is I haven’t been taking care myself, so after my last couple shows, I started getting a few pains in my throat and stuff like that. So I went to the doctor, and he basically told me that I have to get f the road immediately or I was going to start doing permanent damages to my voice.”

T-Pain added that his voice is his most valuable asset, so he had no choice but to take his doctor’s advice whether he like it or not. For that reason, he had to cancel some upcoming shows. “I absolutely apologize to everybody that was coming to the shows that I have to cancel,” he continues.