T.I. Reveals His Nipsey Hussle Pendant

T.I. Reveals His Nipsey Hussle Pendant


On a variety of different levels ranging from music to entrepreneurship, T.I. and Nipsey Hussle share many common characteristics. It’s well documented that before his passing on March 31st, 2019, Nipsey Hussle was making moves to build an empire for both himself and his Crenshaw community. One of the leading voices in the “own your masters” movement, Neighborhood Nip never failed to abide by his own principles — even if it meant foregoing streaming services altogether and selling mixtapes for one hundred dollars. 

It’s no wonder Tip Harris, who had a personal friendship with Nipsey, has vowed to keep his memory alive. He even went to war with Wack 100 over comments made over Nip’s legend status, which caused a brief ruckus on the Instagram timeline. Now, T.I has opted to take his appreciation one step further, commissioning a custom gold piece designed in Nip’s likeness from jeweler Greg Yüna. 

Sharing an image of himself in the middle of a reflective smoke, Tip showcased his new pendant for the world to see. While some crotchety types will likely choose to view the move in a negative light, the overwhelming majority showed love to Harris and his decision to keep the marathon going. At this point, Nipsey has become an iconic figure for many, a symbol of forward-thinking and rags-to-riches prosperity; bittersweet though it may be to say, it’s almost as if the Victory Lap appears to have transcended into something bigger than an artist. It’s no wonder many have chosen to hold his memory close to heart — in Tip’s case, literally.

Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle.