Syleena Johnson Says R. Kelly’s Music Should Be Enjoyed Guilt-Free

Syleena Johnson Says R. Kelly’s Music Should Be Enjoyed Guilt-Free


Syleena Johnson doesn’t think the allegations of sexual abuse should weigh on anyone’s opinion of his music. The two have work on music in the past with Kellz penning and producing songs like “Guess What” and “I Am Your Woman” for Johnson in the early stages of her career. She explained how the numerous charges against him, such as sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and bribery, had nothing to do with the numerous hits his name is attached to.

“I don’t think people should find themselves responsible for his actions because they love his music,” she said, per PageSix. “During that time when you heard that music, you were in a pure place where you received something lyrically that inspired and motivated you. Hold on to that. That’s not your fault that he created this … So if we can’t listen to his music, [then] we can’t watch another Harvey Weinstein movie. We can’t watch none of Bill Cosby’s shows.”

Sure but at the same time, R. Kelly did refer to himself as the Pied Piper, the main character in a fairy tale that oddly parallels to the sexual abuse allegations. However, Johnson, who’s promoting her new album WOMAN, said that at the end of the day, the public’s judgment doesn’t hold any weight in the grand scheme of things.

“God created these people. They are still created by the Lord. He also designed them to put those good things in the world. Whether they are attached to these terrible things … that’s not our responsibility,” she said.