Swizz Beatz Reflects On His Son Working With Kendrick Lamar Before Him

Swizz Beatz Reflects On His Son Working With Kendrick Lamar Before Him


Swizz Beatz is a legendary producer, but there are a few bucket list items he has yet to check off. For one, working on one of Kendrick Lamar‘s solo albums. In an interesting twist of fate, his son, 8-year-old Egypt, has already managed to secure a production placement on Kenny’s Untitled UnmasteredA well known tidbit at this stage, but crazy nonetheless. Now, Swizzy has linked up with MSNBC’s Ari Melber for an extensive conversation, which finds him reflecting on Egypt and Kendrick Lamar’s unique bond.

“I’m a little jealous of my son because he worked on a Kendrick Lamar album before me,” explains Swizzy, beaming with pride. “So, Egypt worked on Kendrick Lamar at five, the album Untitled track number seven. “He produced it, wrote it, and Kendrick actually used it. He made history as the youngest producer. I videotaped the whole thing because people wouldn’t believe that he did it.”

He continues, explaining that Egpyt and Kendrick first met at the Super Bowl. “Egypt didn’t know who Kendrick Lamar was,” reflects Swizz. “He just walked up to him, he felt his energy…He walks right up and sits next to Kendrick and starts having a conversation. Forty minutes, and hour goes by, they’re still having a conversation…The next day, history was made.”

From the sound of it, young Egypt made quite a profound impression on Pulitzer Kenny. “I still don’t know the conversation they had,” explains Swizz. “Kendrick was like, ‘I wanna stay in touch with him. He changed my life. He was just like, ‘He reminded me of myself as a youth and made me unlock my writer’s block at the time.”

It’s a crazy story, and hearing Swizz reflect on his son’s accomplishment is impressive to say the least. Shout out to young Egypt for making history, and Swizz for holding it down in the dad department. Check out the full video right here, AllHipHop