Summer Walker Is Over Cardi B’s "Playing Games" Freestyle

Summer Walker Is Over Cardi B’s "Playing Games" Freestyle


When Summer Walker heard one of the biggest rap superstars in the world, Cardi B, freestyling to her hit record “Playing Games,” she just needed to post the footage to her own page to let everyone know what’s good, having a good chuckle at the content the New York artist replaced her existing lyrics with.

In the original version of the song, R&B singer Summer Walker speaks to her love interest, re-visiting a Destiny’s Child classic with her “Won’t you say my name” line. Cardi B completely switched things up, previewing what would be a fire remix during a recent Instagram Live session, adding a little bit of her touch to the product.

“So won’t you say my name, say my name/If you want my p*ssy, you gotta pay/Your checks is looking real shady/It better not bounce on me baby,” raps the raunchy princess before taking a noisy bite from her crab legs. Reacting to the clip, Summer Walker wrote that she’s just about “over it,” joking with Bardi by using her album title to describe her mood.

Later in the same day, Walker experienced a short scare when she thought she had lost her laptop at the airport but, after an hour of freaking out about it, her boyfriend London On Da Track had already saved the day by copping her a fresh MacBook Pro. The things we do for love.

Watch Cardi’s freestyle below.