Stephen A. Smith Suggests Dramatic Punishment For The Astros

Stephen A. Smith Suggests Dramatic Punishment For The Astros


Perhaps one of the biggest stories in sports over the last little while has been the Houston Astros and how they were caught stealing signs. The Astros had a fairly elaborate plan that saw them bang on trash cans and partake in a whole lot of antics just so they could have a leg up on opposing pitchers. Thanks to this strategy, the Astros were able to win the World Series in 2017 and were even the runners up in 2019. In light of this discovery, baseball players and fans have been up in arms. Despite this, Major League Baseball has decided not to punish the players and people want answers.

Today on First Take, Smith blasted the Astros for their cheating ways and suggested a way to make things right. As he explains, they should have their championship taken away which means every player should give back their rings. He also thinks it would behoove the league to ban the Astros from the playoffs for at least one season.

Smith’s suggestion might sound dramatic but for many, it would certainly be warranted. The Astros have acted with a disgraceful amount of hubris over this whole situation and seem to be content with how it all played out. If the team were to give up their title, we’re sure they wouldn’t be so quick to deflect the blame off of themselves.

What do you think should have happened to the Astros?